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A set card game with service and GTK+ client
General Information:
What is setrinet? - Setrinet is the name of the project developing the gset and setrinetd packages to allow users to play a variant of the SET card game online in a multiplayer set tournament with up to 8 players at a time. Administration of the server through the client is available and an IRC-like chat system will be implemented soon. What is available? - An impressive GTK+ client that allows both 1 player support and multiplayer support (in cooperation with setrinetd). The multiplayer support allows a full online 8 player tournament with numeric scoring based on the number of sets you find. The multiplayer support also allows a server administrator to operate the service remotely through his gset client. Plans for the future? - The project has been frozen as a result of lack of time, users, and assistance. Progress may continue at random spirts over the next few years as interest and time change.
Current Status:
Latest version: gset-0.2.6

* v0.0.1 - begin version naming, merge with Bill
* v0.0.2 - deals table, pixmaps go on buttons now
* v0.0.3 - layout changed, everything looks nice now
* v0.0.4 - bug in table, can deal same card twice, made workarround
* v0.0.5 - converted all images to xpm, wrote conversion.c
* v0.0.6 - bug found, random number generation could return 0 which would make card not exist, fixed.
* v0.0.7 - the beginnings of callback function
* v0.0.8 - added toolbar in handlebox
* v0.0.9 - added menubar to a handlebox as well
* v0.1.0 - changes to new_field, changes to callback, and creation of the remcallback function
* v0.1.1 - matching sets function added
* v0.1.2 - new_field() now calculates number of sets in field
* v0.1.3 - major reprogramming of numerous functions since changes in new_field()
* v0.1.4 - changes in new_field() to clean up the code
* v0.1.5 - changes to callback() to reflect new theory and clean up code
* v0.1.6 - changes to remcallback() to clean up code and reflect changes
* v0.1.7 - changes to check_set() to clean up code and reflect changes
* v0.1.8 - bug in random generation, fixed
* v0.1.9 - more changes to check_set(), added new_game() to call new_field() and reset score
* v0.2.0 - added the zero factor, in case of no sets in field, new_field issued
* v0.2.1 - code cleaning, put all the pixmaps in an array of pixmaps
* v0.2.2 - statusbar, toolbar, and menubar updates, path to pixmaps added as a #define, code cleanup, and creation of several new menubar callback functions
* v0.2.3 - bug in new_field() fixed, split set.c into multiple other files. development of multiplayer code is steadily underway. I will post later this week.
* v0.2.4 - added multiplayer support
* v0.2.5 - many bug fixes, mostly multiplayer related bug fixes
* v0.2.6 - new connect window, new auth/user system, 7 character username support, bordersize defined, dual connect bug fix

Latest version: setrinetd-0.0.3

* v0.0.1 - first released version, but is functional and packaged
* v0.0.2 - many bug fixes, sockets are non-blocking, all recieving data handled by syncrhonous i/o multiplexing
* v0.0.3 - threaded ping timeouts, new auth/user system, 7 character username support
Copyright (C) 2001 William H Darrow